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January, 26

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January, 26, 560 A.D.:
Anoushirvan Introduces Dehgan System

Four days before the Sadeh ceremonies, on Jan, 26, 560 AD a new body called Dehgan is introduced to Iranian villages by Khosrau Anoushirvan, the 23rd ruler of the Sassanid Dynasty (r. 531-579). The citizens of each village were to choose the Dehgan to represent them and had other duties such as: Col... Read Full Article:


January, 26, 1963 A.D.:
Referendum On White Revolution

Iranians participated in a referendum to approve social and economic changes that was called the White Revolution. This was the first time that Iranian women were exercising their right to vote. These changes included land reforms, labor benefits, acknowledging women rights to vote, etc. These refor... Read Full Article:


January, 26, 1966 A.D.:
Iran Enters UNESCO

20 years after it's creation in 1946, Iran is admitted to UNESCO. The 20th century became the time of communication among nations, this became possible by merits of advance in telecommunication. Information on economy, culture, and politics among nations became more available to more layers of socie... Read Full Article:


January, 26, 1981 A.D.:
Terror Attack On Bank Melli In San Francisco

(Wikipedia) - On January 26, 1981, a bomb exploded outside the San Francisco offices of Bank Melli Iran. According to the National Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, a bomb exploded at BMI branch in San Francisco, shattering windows and damaging the wall of the building where the ex... Read Full Article:


January, 26, 1982 A.D.:
Communist Guerilla Attacks Amol

A guerilla group called Communists Union of Iran staged armed uprising against the Iranian regime. Around 200 of the group members went into hiding in the forests in September, 1981. They staged sporadic attacks on small civilian targets stealing food and necessities until Nov, 9 when they closed th... Read Full Article:

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