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January, 23

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January, 23, 1789 A.D.:
Sayed Morad Proclaims Shah Of Persia

Right after the murder of Jafar Khan on Jan, 23, 1789, Sayed Morad Khan ascended the Zand throne as the 8th king of the Zand Dynasty. Morad was a nephew of Karimkhan and the son of Khoda Morad Khan. It was a time when there were many proclaiming Shah in every corner of Iran. Sayed Morad Khan had bee... Read Full Article:


January, 23, 1857 A.D.:
British Forces Capture Bushehr

After several days of heroic resistance, British forces seized the Bushehr seaport which was strategically important. The city and its surroundings had been bombed for 23 days. The war had broken out after Iranians occupied the city of Herat, a key city to Afghanistan and reclaimed it on Oct, 25, 19... Read Full Article:


January, 23, 1932 A.D.:
Iran–Turkey Sign Non-aggression Treaty

On January 23, 1932 the first definitive frontier treaty between Turkey and Iran; the Iran–Turkey Non-aggression Treaty was signed in Tehran. It should be mentioned that the border between Turkey and Iran is one of the oldest in the world and has stayed more or less the same since the Battle of Ch... Read Full Article:


January, 23, 1943 A.D.:
Russians Force Iran To Unfair Treaty

Iran was under occupation of Allied Powers since Aug, 25, 1941.Although the Red Army had confiscated most weapons and ammunition belonging to the Iranian Army, they also threatened to dismantle and move Iranian factories to Russia. In order to prevent this from happening, on Jan, 23, 1943, Iran had ... Read Full Article:

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