The Iranian History Era :

Taherian Dynasty (821 - 873) AD

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August, 9, 833 A.D.:
Al Motasem Becomes Caliph

Al Motasem was hailed Abbasi Caliph on Aug, 9, 833 succeeding his half brother Mamun. He was the son of Harunolrashid and a Turkic slave mother.One of the most difficult challenges to Caliph Motasem, as faced by his predecessor, was the uprising of Babak Khorramdin, an Iranian commander who rebelled... Read Full Article:


August, 3, 837 A.D.:
Babak Khorramdin Arrested

Babak Khorramdin leaded the first serious resistance against Caliph discrimination after the death of Abu Muslim. Babak's leadership between 816-837 was one of the most significant periods in the Iranian history because of the indisputable influence it had on preservation of Persian language and cul... Read Full Article:


January, 7, 838 A.D.:
Babak Khorramdin Executed

Babak Khorramdin introduced a new social and religious doctrine and rose against the Abbasi Caliphate with a revolutionary movement that stormed through north and northwest Iran. Babak was finally defeated by Caliph Forces leaded by a fellow Iranian general named Afshin the son of Kavoos. While he w... Read Full Article:


July, 21, 838 A.D.:
Afshin Wins Battle Of Anzen

After the Byzantine emperor Theophilus launched an attack against a number of Abbasi fortresses, Al-Motasem launched a well planned response. General Afshin defeated Theophilus on July 21, 838 at the Battle of Anzen at Dazimon with an army of 50,000 men. From there they advanced on the stronghold o... Read Full Article:


July, 3, 839 A.D.:
Maziar Executed In Samara

Maziar was the ruler of Mazandaran province from Espahbodan family. Mazandaran was probably the only state in Iran that the Caliphates could not fully take under control because of dense forests and patriotic residents. However, his brother Koohyar was deceived by the Caliph spies and took him to Ma... Read Full Article:


November, 24, 842 A.D.:
Red Revolution Across Iran

Four years after his brutal execution by Motasem in Samara, the followers of Babak Khorramdin known also as Sorkhjamegan, started one of the earliest colorful revolutions in world history with the color of their leader's blood. Babak's last gesture before his death; washing his face with his own bl... Read Full Article:


May, 24, 849 A.D.:
Amir Ismail Samani Is Born

Amir Ismail Samani who founded the Samanian dynasty was born in Ferghana on May, 24, 849. His grandfather was a grandson of Bahram Chubin. After taking the Greater Khorasan under control which included today's Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, north Afghanistan, parts of Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan a... Read Full Article:

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