The Iranian History Era :

Buyid Dynasty (934 - 1062) AD

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January, 15, 946 A.D.:
Baghdad Conquered

After nearly 300 years of Caliphates reign, Iranians finally become able to regain Baghdad on Jan, 15, 946. Unfortunately, the original settlement in Tisfun which was once seat of Parthian and Sassanid Empires was destroyed by then. On this day, forces under Ahmad Deylami entered Baghdad and therefo... Read Full Article:


May, 17, 954 A.D.:
Samanian Nuh Dies

Nuh 1st, the son of Nasr 2nd of Samanian Dynasty died after 12 years of reign. Nuh ascended the throne after a coup against his father Nasr and throwing him in prison. Another narration says that Nuh came to power after preventing a revolt against his father in 943. His father who had become king at... Read Full Article:


February, 13, 963 A.D.:
Mourning In New Lunar Years

19 years after the fall of Baghdad, Ahmad Booyeh Deylami AKA Moezzoddoleh ordered mourning ceremonies during the first 10 days of Moharram , the first month in lunar year (352 LH). These ceremonies aimed to revive the memory of the Karbala event in which Imam Hossein and 72 of his followers were bru... Read Full Article:

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