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Majlis Ninth Term Begins

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March, 15, 1933 A.D.:
Majlis Ninth Term Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The first assembly of the 9th Majlis took place on March, 15, 1933.
After cancellation of the D'Arcy agreement by the Majlis eighth term, the government reached a new agreement with the British government, not perfect but it had better conditions in favor of Iran. On May, 28. 1933 a new license was granted to the British Petroleum Company for a period of 60 years. 18 years later, Iran was the scene of the biggest demonstrations ever in protest to this agreement and called approval of such a treaty by Majlis an act of treason,
Due to increasing need for trained experts, Reza Shah was convinced that a higher education institution was needed in Iran. Therefore measures were taken and a piece of land was allocated in Tehran for this purpose. Majlis approved formation of Tehran University on May, 29, 1934. Constructions of Iran's first university began immediately with Reza Shah's pick on the foundation on Feb, 4. The university was opened on March, 15, 1936.
In order to have a better control over Majlis representatives, Reza Shah ordered lifting political immunity of some deputies which had been a de factor of Majlis to keep members immune from the wrath of the king. Following this act, three representatives were deprived from their right and sent to prosecutor. These were representatives of Isfahan, Najafabad and Dezful.
Majlis ninth term was dissolved on Apr, 10, 1935.

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