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Majlis First Term Begins

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October, 7, 1906 A.D.:
Majlis First Term Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The first Iranian legislative election held on July 1906 after Iranian Constitutional Revolution by a Farman from Mozaffaroddin Shah Qajar.It was the first Iranian election in the history.In 7 October 1906, Parliament was opened in the Golestan palace.
The first term began on Oct, 7 at Golestan Palace attended by Mozaffaroddin Shah who had signed the Constitutional Monarchy bill and paved the way for creation of Majlis. Next meetings took place at Mirza Hossein Sepahsalar's house in Baharestan Sq. Until the 1979 revolution, most 24 terms of Majlis assemblies convened at the same place. The first constitution was signed by Mozaffaroddin Shah on Dec, 30, 1906 but the law lacked essential points regarding people's rights. The primary constitution did not explain limits of the state authority. Therefore complimentary laws were prepared. The authority to change the constitution remained at the power of Majlis Moassesan or the parliament of founders. Mohammad Ali Shah first refused to sign the law and started campaigning against the Constitutional Movement but he was forced to sign the law on Oct, 7, 1907.
Majlis Moassesan convened 2 more times : once expanding Shah's authority to dissolve the Majlis and the second time to declare Farah Diba as the queen and his son as the crown prince.
The Majlis or the national parliament survived for 24 terms. It was replaced with the Islamic parliament after 1979 but still the term Majlis is used.
Majlis 1st term was dissoved on June, 23, 1908.

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