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Majlis Third Term Begins

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December, 6, 1914 A.D.:
Majlis Third Term Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Parliamentary elections were held in Persia in 1914. The Democratic Party won 31% of the seats, whilst the Social Democratic Party won 24%. The new Parliament convened on 6 December.
The third Majlis term started on Dec, 6, 1914. But its life was short and did not last more than a year. During the World War I, Iran declared neutrality. Iran’s neutrality was disrespected by foreign occupation forces that invaded Iran. Russian occupation army which sought such an opportunity reached Qazvin in no time.
Ahmad Shah was undecided in relocating the capital when Russian armies were advancing towards Tehran. This raised concerns and led to riots. Afraid of Russian atrocities, people were running for their lives. A number of representatives fled to Qom and Kermanshah.
Majlis sessions could not be held due to lack of representatives and finally adjourned on Nov, 12, 1915.

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