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U.S. Secretly Passed Intelligence To Iraq

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October, 28, 1991 A.D.:
U.S. Secretly Passed Intelligence To Iraq

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Shortly after taking office in January 1981, Ronald Reagan Administration secretly decided to aid Iraq directly in 1982. This fact provides evidence that Washington played a much greater role than was previously known in affecting the course of the long and costly Iran–Iraq war in which U.S. asserted neutrality.
The decision to lend crucial help to Baghdad came after Iraq was on the verge of being overrun by Iran. Technology and intelligence helped Iraq avert defeat The covert Reagan Administration decision to supply intelligence to Iraq was initially reported in December 1986. The Administration hid the fact that C.I.A. was passing intelligence to Iraq.
During a Senate Committee hearings on October, 28, 1991 it was revealed that the U.S. intelligence assistance had actually begun in the beginning of the Iran–Iraq War. Satellite imagery, communications intercepts and CIA assessments were forwarded to Iraqi commanders to show them where the Iranian weaknesses were. The United States continued to supply top-secret intelligence until the Iran–Iraq War ended in 1988. Washington also looked the other way as American-made arms began to flow into Baghdad from Iraq's allies in the Middle East, starting in 1982. Jordan and Saudi Arabia sent Iraq small arms and mortars, among other weapons, and Kuwait sold Iraq thousands of anti-tank missiles. Kuwait supplied Saddam Hussein with lots of money and arms with U.S. consent. It was also acknowledged that by 1982 Jordan military was routinely diverting American-made helicopters to Iraq.
King Hussein of Jordan had persuaded the Reagan Administration to help Iraq. During the same period when the King was urging his own subjects to volunteer for service with the Iraq Army. Within a few months, C.I.A. stationed its own man in Baghdad whose sole reason for being was to handle the intelligence.
During the last years of Iran–Iraq War, the U.S. military directly bombed Iranian oil platforms and tankers. It's recorded in history that a U.S. commander was decorated for shooting down the IR655 Iran Air civilian airplane killing all passengers and the crew on board. U.S. has been viewed as Iran's greatest enemy and labeled The Great Satan.

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