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Mosaddegh Supporters Arrested

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January, 30, 1962 A.D.:
Mosaddegh Supporters Arrested

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Eight years after the CIA/MI6 backed coup d'état that re-installed the puppet dictator , Nationalist supporters of toppled Mosaddegh regained enough strength to state a public demonstration of 200,000 people in Tehran. The military junta responded with iron fist and did not hesitate to take about 200 of ex-officials under arrest in a 10 day period starting from Jan, 21, 1962 until Jan, 30th. The newly founded SAVAK intelligence service which later became a notorious organization was an unprecedented body gaining power over the Iranian political system. Alongside some South American countries, CIA was supporting such organizations which later changed the image of the US worldwide drastically. SAVAK also maintained deep ties with MOSSAD of Israel.
Among arrested people were prominent figures such as Shapour Bakhtiar who became the last appointed prime minister to facilitate transition from the monarchic dictatorship to a totalitarian theocracy.
Dariush Forouhar was another important personality who headed the Ministry of Labor right after 1979 and was assassinated in a cleanup operation by the Islamic Ministry of Information in 1998 in a power struggle eliminating leaders of rival political factions.

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