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Kissinger Visits Tehran

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November, 2, 1974 A.D.:
Kissinger Visits Tehran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Henry Kissinger, the U.S. secretary of foreign affairs visited Tehran. One day after his arrival Mohammad Reza Shah announced that the price of crude oil must not rise. This statement showed that Kissinger's first goal from the mission was achieved.
The second issue was Iraq which had close ties with the Soviets and thus a threat to the U.S. and her allies. In his memoires, Kissinger stated that Shah accepted to help Americans supply the Kurdish rebels in northern Iraq after Americans promised to supply F-14 jets. U.S. bought Russian made arms from Israel which were seized during the Arab-Israel wars and sent them to the Kurdish rebels through Iran. Shah gradually became the link between the Kurdish leader Barzani and Washington.
However, in a meeting on Feb, 18, 1975, Shah told Kissinger that he planned to settle issues with Iraq. The fact that Iran and Iraq reached an agreement on border issues drew an ire in Washington and Kissinger's frequent visits to Iran came to an end.

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