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Iran Cuts Ties With Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Hungary

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September, 16, 1941 A.D.:
Iran Cuts Ties With Bulgaria, Italy, Romania, Hungary

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Following British and Russian occupation, Iran was forced to cuts ties With axis nations including Bulgaria, Italy, Romania and Hungary. Although the two states had guaranteed Iran's sovereignty, in threatening notes to the Iranian ministry of foreign affairs such illegitimate requests were made. The Ettelaat Newspaper announced public regret and discontent. In an article published on Sep, 10, 1941, the semi-official newspaper emphasizes on Iran's will to continue economic relationships with Germany and Italy and despite the fact that Iran was forced to close their embassies in Tehran, people were willing to continue relationships. The paper also said that Iran's embassy in the mentioned countries will continue operation.
Iran officially cut ties with Italy, Hungary, and Romania on Sep, 16, 1941 and fourteen employees of the Bulgarian embassy left Tehran on Sep, 17.
The article however drew an ire in British and Russian media as it's translation in Arabic, Turkish, French, German and English was read on Iran's public radio. The occupation forces that sought a pretext to depose Reza Shah, reached Tehran on Sep, 15 and simultaneously took over military headquarters in the city. Appearance of occupation forces specially the Red Army in the capital created shock among citizens. This was mixed with sensations of fear and contempt which were on top of elements that discredited the English in Iran forever. Shortage of bread, sugar and other essentials added to public hatred in such a way that it has become part of Iranian culture; The English is behind whatever goes wrong.

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