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Sardar Sepah Becomes Prime Minister

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October, 25, 1923 A.D.:
Sardar Sepah Becomes Prime Minister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Ahmad Shah, the last Qajar king appointed Reza Pahlavi as the new Prime Minister and left for Europe eight days later. It's not clear what exactly happened between Reza Pahlavi and General Ironside in 1921 but the world power balance was changing and Reza Pahlavi took the power in his own hands. Ahmad Shah could never return home and died in Paris in 1930.
The country was in a chaos and needed serious reforms in all fields. Reza Khan proclaimed king in 1926 and called himself Reza Shah, the founder of Pahlavi Dynasty. He was a man of talent and courage and accomplished great projects that Iranians could not even dream of at that time. Centuries of imperialist meddling inside the corrupt Qajar court had left the country in the hands of tribal leaders that soon wanted their share of the power. The central government with a powerful army was soon formed and Reza Shah became Iran's new dictator. Although he succeeded in modernizing the country and accomplished projects such as railroad, banking, university, his greed for power stopped him short from moving the country towards democracy and in the end he had more enemies than friends, and his faith was not much different than Ahmad Shah and he died in exile in 1944.

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