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Median Rebellion Suppressed By Dariush

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May, 8, 521 B.C.:
Median Rebellion Suppressed By Dariush

By: Mir M.Hosseini

When Cyrus the Great overthrew the Median empire in 550 BC, he captured Ecbatana (today's Hamedan). Ecbatana became the summer residence of the Achaemenid kings. 28 years later in December 522, the Median rebel Phraortes who descended from Cyaxares, and gained support in Sagartia, Parthia and Hyrcania, reoccupied Ecbatana and made it his capital. Meanwhile, There were insurrections also in Armenia, Elam, and Persis. Phraortes was defeated by the Persian general Hydarnes on Jan, 12, 521 but he managed to stand ground during the winter. However, Dariush I the Great defeated him on May, 8, 521 near Kangavar.
Dariush celebrated this event with a relief in Behistun Inscription along the road from Babylon to Ecbatana. Phraortes managed to escape to Rhagae (Tehran), where he was caught and crucified.
Another rebel named Tritantaechmes, the Sagartian leader called himself king and continued the rebellion, but was defeated by General Tahmaspada. Tritantaechmes was crucified in Arbela marking the last Median uprising.

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