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Shahram Jazayeri Escapes The Prison

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February, 20, 2007 A.D.:
Shahram Jazayeri Escapes The Prison

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Shahram Jazayeri, a high profile prisoner whose name was associated with financial corruption and bribing of top officials escaped while being taken for investigation about a property. Accompanied by two guards, he suddenly vanished near his apartment in Ecbatan district of Tehran. The escape sent a shock wave among Iranians debating healthiness of the judicial system. The authorities gave contradicting statements adding further to public suspicion. Several officials were forced to resign including the head of the notorious Evin prison. During Norooz holidays, the news of his arrest in Oman was announced. He had reportedly escaped to Dubai on a fake passport. After receiving a tip, two Iranian police officers showed up at the hotel were Jazayeri was residing but he evaded the arrest. Being chased by the Interpol, he finally got arrested in Oman and brought back to Iran on a private jet plane. Many of vital questions regarding how's and why's of his escape still remain a mystery. Some rumors indicate that his term is just a formality and that his strong relations have guaranteed him a luxurious life in prison just like the former Tehran mayor, Gholamhossein Karbaschi.
On the other hand, reports of human rights violations, and abuse of political prisoners and rights activists continue to fill pages of the regime's workbook. As a matter of fact, the last word in the Islamic Republic of Iran is Connections which stands well above laws, rules and regulations.

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