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CIA Backed Coup Topples Mosaddegh

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August, 19, 1953 A.D.:
CIA Backed Coup Topples Mosaddegh

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Kim Roosevelt, the grandson of Theodore Roosevelt was on a mission for CIA when he arrived in Tehran on Aug, 8, 1953, 16 days before the shameful operation that put an end to the young Iranian democracy's life.
Accompanied by the British secret service agents and pro-Shah military officers, from the early morning hours of Aug, 19 a group of gang poured into the streets of Tehran torching offices of newspapers, workplaces, etc in order to create disorder and chaos. They were shouting leftist slogans pretending to be associated with democratic movements.
PM Mosaddegh's residential which he was also using as an office came under an attack while the radio station was being seized by Zahedi, an officer who had been dismissed from duty and had been in hiding. In the radio announcement he calls himself the new prime minister.
For the next 26 years Iranians were to deal with a junta regime and it's notorious secret service SAVAK that imprisoned, tortured and killed everyone against the dictator's regime.
47 years later Madeleine Albright, the U.S. Secretary of state only implied U.S. involvement in the 1953 coup. She admitted that British insisted on displacing Mosaddegh's regime but could not convince Truman. But the latter president Eisenhower's administration did not hesitate to accept the English proposal.
The outcome of this coup was a consortium on rights of Iran's oil in which U.S. and British each had 40% share.

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