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Royana, Cloned Sheep Is Born

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October, 1, 2006 A.D.:
Royana, Cloned Sheep Is Born

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Royana is the name of the second sheep born in the Royan research institute through cloning technique. The first sheep died few hours after birth. Cloning is a very complicated high tech method that enables us to reproduce exact copies of the original mammal with exactly the same genetic structure. Founded in 1991, the Royan institute has been active in several related fields including reproductive biomedicine, stem cell biology & technology. The word Royan means embryo in Persian. The institute currently has the departments of stem cells, embryology, gynecology, genetics, andrology, epidemiology and a fertility clinic.
World's first mammal to be cloned with DNA taken from an adult cell was a sheep named Dolly born on July, 5, 1996 in Scotland. Dolly died on February, 14, 2003 at the age of six. Cloning is considered a promising tool for preserving endangered species alongside many other applications yet to think of. Royana, a brown male is now thriving outside Isfahan with some 400 other sheep.

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