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The Battle of Raxa

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May, 24, 521 B.C.:
The Battle of Raxa

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After the false king Smerdis was put to death by Dariush, another Persian usurper named Vahyazdata proclaimed himself the real heir of the Achaemenid throne and to be the real Smerdis. He seized the Persian Pasargadae palace and was able to conquer Arachosia. Dariush was busy with other rebels at the time and sent his trusted general Artavardiya to fight him.
Artavardiya defeated Vahyazdata on 24/25 May 521 BC in a battle at the city Raxa, in Persis, where 4404 rebels were killed. Vahyazdata and fled to the east to rearrange an army. His army was defeated again at the decisive battle which took place on 14 July 521 at Mount Parga, in Persis.
Vahyazdata was captured on July, 16th and was crucified.

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