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Purchasing Iran's Document Of Ownership

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November, 23, 1952 A.D.:
Purchasing Iran's Document Of Ownership

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The cabinet of ministers headed by Dr. Mosaddegh approves a draft to buy at whatever the price, the original document related to proceedings in Dashte-Moghan, a meeting between representatives from 35 Iranian provinces (including Armenia) that appointed Nader Shah as the new king of Iran in 1736. While agents of international museums, collections and antique smugglers were seeking to purchase this precious document which was found in a building in Khorasan, it was purchased from antique brokers and sent to the Iranian National museum.
In fact, Dariush The Great described in detail Iran's realm of 30 states (Satrapies) in the Behistun Inscription in 524 BC. Iran is the only country in the world which owns such proofs of ownership. One can imagine what primitive world powers would have done if they possessed such documents; with no pretext, they'd probably invade every country on the world map as they did to Iraq and Afghanistan.

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