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Mohammad Reza Shah Marries Farah

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November, 22, 1959 A.D.:
Mohammad Reza Shah Marries Farah

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After Mohammad Reza Shah's first two wives could not give him a son, he marries his third wife; Farah Diba. Shah's marriage to his first wife Fouziyeh and their separation is a mystery but his second wife Sorayya was barren and a heir was needed for the crown. Shah who was also a well-trained pilot, proposed to Farah while they were touring on a helicopter above Tehran skies. Their marriage make the paparazzi headlines all over the world specially when Farah flew to France in order to order her wedding dress. Farah's first son was crown prince when the revolution took place. Shah and his family fled the country before the revolution.
Farah witnessed Shah's death in Egypt after travelling to Oman, Panama and U.S.A. She is currently active in charity work and received the Lindbergh grace and distinction award in 2005.

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