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Revolt In Armenia

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January, 21, 451 A.D.:
Revolt In Armenia

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The reign of Yazdgerd 2nd, the 16th king of the Sassanid Dynasty started with serious invasions by the Huns in Bactria. He successfully secured Bactria and turned towards west to show his Iron feast where unrest erupted in some territories under dispute with the Roman Empire, specially Armenia and Caucasia.
During his eastern campaign, Yazdgerd grew suspicious of Christians in the army and the nobility and expelled many of them. He showed intolerance towards Armenians and in a public declaration wanted them to accept Zoroastrianism. He advanced his pro-Zoroastrian policy to curb influence of the Roman Empire because of religious proximity over Armenia.
After this declaration a huge revolt started all over Armenia. The religious leaders dismissed the Shah's call as despotism.
Consequently, Yazdgerd 2nd and his army entered Armenia in May 451 and in Avarayr inflicted heavy loss to the Armenian army. The revolt was suppressed brutally but the despot king did not learn that ideas cannot be stopped by using force. Until his death in 457, he pursued strict religious policies and persecuted various minorities.
Fortunately, Armenians could preserve their religion, and cultural identity through ages even after the fall of the Sassanid Empire under the rule of Caliphates, Ottomans and Safavid Empire. Armenia changed hand many times until the Turkmenchai Agreement on Feb, 22, 1828 when it was annexed to the Russian Empire. After the collapse of the Soviet Unions, Armenia became an independent country.

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