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Dr. Motahhari Assassinated

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May, 1, 1979 A.D.:
Dr. Motahhari Assassinated

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Morteza Motahhari, one of the most prominent figures of the Islamic revolution of Iran was assassinated while leaving Dr. Sahabi's house in Tehran. The murderer approached him from behind and shot him in the back of his head causing his death in minutes. The extremist Forghan group took the responsibility for this terror act in a phone calls made to the media. Born on Feb, 3, 1920, Motahhari was a professor of theology and philosophy whose Islamic guidelines were taught in all levels of the Iranian educational system even before the revolution. He was the head of the revolutionary committee's meetings. Right after the CIA backed Shah was toppled, widespread terror activities took place all over Iran mostly targeting thinkers, researchers and key figures that formed the structure of a think thank that could have led Islamic teachings from theory to reality. However, these terror acts, coup attempts associated with the imposed Iraq war , and economic sanctions were only a small part of the price Iranians have been paying for liberty and independence.

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