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Shapour Rejects War Proposal

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August, 28, 378 A.D.:
Shapour Rejects War Proposal

By: Mir M.Hosseini

According to documents found in 1453, during a meeting in Tisfun palace in August, 28, 378, Iranian generals give the news to Shapour about Roman emperor's recent death during a war and suggested that Shapour use this occasion to drive Romans back to the other side of Danube while they are weak and suffer from power struggle. Shapour's response was negative; arguing that having the power and using the opportunity is not the right reason to start a war. He said that the outcomes of war can not be foreseen and war must be the last solution unless the enemy has invaded our soil. He added that our prophet Zoroaster has rejected unjustified wars. Shapour died one year later after 70 years of reign.

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