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Colonel Pesyan Takes Back Hamedan

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November, 21, 1915 A.D.:
Colonel Pesyan Takes Back Hamedan

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Colonel Mohammad Taqi-Khan Pesyan (1892 - 3 October 1921) , born into an aristocratic family in Tabriz, was a popular military leader of Iran and became a national hero after his assassination. He is also famously known as being the first Iranian to successfully pilot an aircraft.
"If they kill me, my drops of blood will draw Iran's name, and if they burn me, my ashes will form motherland", are famous words from Colonel Pesyan. On Nov, 21, 1915 he rescued Hamedan from Russian occupation despite the fact that his army was not equipped with heavy artillary and were outnumbered by the Russian army. His strategy was called street fight which the enemy was not familiar with.
He staged an uprising against the government of Ghavamossaltaneh that was suppressed and he was killed.

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