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Tirdad Ascends The Throne

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December, 22, 247 A.D.:
Tirdad Ascends The Throne

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Tirdad I the second Iranian king from Parthians ascends the throne in the city of Damghan. During his coronation ceremony King Tirdad makes a pledge to the people to not rest until the last Seleucid is thrown into the Mediterranean Sea. Same day, Tirdad sent forces to Hyrcania to punish the ruler who had been in contact with Seleucids.
The date of the ceremony was a special occasion in Iranian culture called Khorrooz, meaning the day sun is born just next day after Yalda night which is the longest night of the year. Ancient Iranians used a complicated solar calendar which is still used with some revsions as the most precise solar calendar to date. After the fall of the Achaemenid empire Persian books and tradiotions were banned during occupation. Parthians preserved most of this cultual heritage and revived them for future generations. Founder of the Parthian empire, the first Parthian king Ashk 1. built the city of Nesa as the capital near today's Ashkhabad in Turkmenistan.

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