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17 Pahlavi Dissidents executed

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March, 17, 1971 A.D.:
17 Pahlavi Dissidents executed

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Siahkal Uprising was a guerrilla operation against Pahlavi regime organized by Organization of Iranian People's Fedai Guerrillas that happened near Siahkal town in Gilan on February 8, 1971, widely viewed as the turning point in the leftist armed struggle against the Iranian dictator Mohammad Reza Shah of Pahlavi Dynasty.
During police operations that followed the Siahkal incident, 17 CFK members were arrested, 13 of which were executed on March, 17, 1971; those were Ali Akbar Safayi Farahani, Ghafour Hassanpour, Hadi Bandehkhoda, Ahmad Farhoodi, Houshang Nayyeri, Eskandar Rahimi, Jalil Enferadi, Abbas Danesh, Mohammad Hadi Fazeli, Esmail Moini, Shoaoddin Moshidi, Nasser Seif Dalil Safayi, and Mohammad Ali Mohaddes Ghandchi.
In the period from 1971 to 1979, Fedaian came under an intense attack by the Shah's regime, and nearly 300 Fedaian members were killed by the government. In this period the majority of the organization's members were captured or murdered including its leader Hamid Ashraf whose death was a major loss to the organization.
Following the Iranian Revolution, the CFK public offices were established in most Iranian cities. In the first election after the revolution, Fedaian received 10% of the votes.
On May Day 1981, thousands of OIPFG (Majority) supporters gathered in Tehran. At the rally, the organization announced that the group would cease to conduct guerrilla warfare and was renamed Organization of Iranian People's Fedaian (Majority).

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