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Nationalization Of Oil Day

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March, 20, 1951 A.D.:
Nationalization Of Oil Day

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Nationalization of Oil which passed as a law at the Iranian Parliament on March, 15, 1951 was later ratified by the Iranian Senate on March, 20, 1951 and Prime Minister Hossein Ala presented it to the Shah, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi on May, 1st.
The first organized struggle against the British plundering of Iranian petroleum resources started in March, 1940 when workers at Abadan went on a strike for better housing, decent health care and enforcement of Iranian labor laws. British management brought in strike breakers and suppressed the decent by force.
However, the anti-imperial fight went on for almost a decade until the British submitted a Supplemental Agreement which was rejected unanimously on Nov. 25, 1950 as inadequate by Mosaddegh-chaired parliamentary commission because at the same time the British were offering a %16 share, Americans had made a deal to share profits with Saudis on a 50-50 basis.
The anglophile Prime Minister Razmara was assassinated on March, 7, 1951 only 4 days after appearing before Majlis oil committee warning of illegality of nationalization, of the unpredictability of British retaliation, and of the potential devastation to Iran's economy from retaliation.
The final nationalization plan was approved by the Majlis the day before Mosaddegh was asked to form his government, on April 28, 1951.
March 20 (29 Esfand) has since been named as the Nationalization of Oil Day.

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