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Dr. Fatemi Arrested

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March, 13, 1954 A.D.:
Dr. Fatemi Arrested

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On August, 19 1953, Mosaddegh's government was overthrown by a CIA-orchestrated coup d'état. On August, 14 Fatemi was expected to get arrested along with Mosaddegh and other close associates, but the first U.S.-led coup attempt failed. Fatemi was arrested by a Royalist group of officers and soldiers who were in such a hurry that he was not allowed to put shoes on, but he was released on the morning of the 15th and went directly to Mosaddegh's residence. Fearful of the apparent failure of the coup, Mohammad Reza Pahlavi immediately fled to Baghdad. In the aftermath of the first coup attempt, while Mosaddegh still remained a strong proponent of Constitutional Monarchy, Fatemi advised Mosaddegh to declare a republic in light of the failed coup attempt. Subsequently, Fatemi, in a fiery editorial in his newspaper Bakhtar-e Emrooz and a public speech, denounced the Shah as "a traitor to his country", a "venomous serpent", and a "coward".
On 19 August, the offices of Fatemi's newspaper were attacked and burnt down by mobs incited by an Iranian CIA agent. Later that day the second coup attempt succeeded. With Mosaddegh arrested, Fatemi went underground, taking shelter in a friend's house in Shemiran writing his memoirs, but he was discovered and arrested on March, 13, 1954. At that point, the junta regime decided to kill him and claim his death as an assassination by fanatics. A group of mob headed by Shaban Jafari was given the task. Shaban Bimokh and his friends attacked Dr. Fatemi at the Military Headquarters of Tehran. Saltanat Fatemi who was present at the scene got 10-11 stab wounds while trying to protect his brother. Knife strikes wounded Dr. Fatemi and he was taken to the hospital in the same Jeep that brought him to the scene. At the time, General Teymur Bakhtiar was the head of the military junta in Tehran.
Dr. Fatemi thus miraculously survived his second assassination attempt. About two years before, on Feb, 15, 1952 he had been shot by a 15 year old named Mohammad Mehdi Abdkhodayi, a member of Fadayian Eslam.
Dr. Fatemi was then tortured and he was put on a mock trial. He was convicted by a military court on October, 10 for "treason against the Shah" and sentenced to death. Many influential figures tried to stop his execution in vein.
Fatemi was executed by firing squad on 10 November 1954 in Tehran, when he was still suffering from fever and the injuries of the unsuccessful attempt of assassination on him. In his will, he appointed Mosaddegh the guardian of his only son, Cyrus.
Fatemi was buried in Ibn Babawayh Cemetery in Rhagae, near Tehran.

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