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Majlis Twentieth Terms Begins

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February, 21, 1961 A.D.:
Majlis Twentieth Terms Begins

By: Mir M.Hosseini

During Majlis elections in 1960, contested primarily by the Melliyun Party and the Mardom Party, charges of widespread fraud could not be suppressed, and the shah was forced to cancel the elections. On Aug, 27 during a press conference and announced the election results invalid. Four days later he asked all parliament representatives to submit their resignations and pave the way for healthy elections.
Jafar Sharif-Emami, a staunch loyalist, became Prime Minister. After renewed and more strictly controlled elections, the 20th Majlis convened on February, 21 1961. Again allegations of fraud against Dr. Eghbal in charge of supervision of elections were made. As economic conditions worsened and political unrest grew people took it to the streets and protests began.
77 days later the Sharif-Emami government fell in May 1961.
Mohammad Reza Shah named Ali Amini, a wealthy landlord and senior civil servant, as Prime Minister. Amini was known as an advocate of reform. He received a mandate from the Shah to dissolve parliament and rule for six months by cabinet decree. Amini loosened controls on the press, permitted the National Front and other political parties to resume activity, and ordered the arrest of a number of former senior officials on charges of corruption.
The Amini government, however, was beset by numerous problems. In addition, the prime minister acted in an independent manner, and the Shah and senior military and civilian officials close to the court resented this challenge to royal authority. Amini was unable to meet a large budget deficit; the Shah refused to cut the military budget, and the United States, which had previously supported Amini, refused further aid. As a result, Amini resigned in July 1962.

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