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Radio Tehran Founded

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April, 24, 1940 A.D.:
Radio Tehran Founded

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The cabinet of ministers approved the bill that authorized usage of radio in Iran on Sep, 24, 1934. The law required a permission from the Ministry of Post to install antenna and equipment.
In 1939, the wireless school of the army opened at Ministry of War. In order to acquire knowledge and technology for operating short wave transmitters, some of the personnel of this wireless station were dispatched to France and received training needed to operate a radio station.
On Jan, 5, 1939 the Radio Commission appointed the British Standard Co. with the task of making two short wave transmitters with a power of 2 and 20 kilowatts. At the same time, the Ministry of Post and Telegraph ordered construction of a building in central Tehran to be used as studio and a wireless telecommunications center.
On April, 24, 1940 Iran's first long-wave radio station, wireless transmitter with a power of 10 kilowatts was placed at Bisim (Wireless) on the Jaddeh Shemiran (Shariati Street). The tower had a height of 120 meters which was a noticeable view at the time. Finally, Radio Tehran was inaugurated after the transmitter was installed; a makeshift studio had been built at the wireless station. In the beginning, Radio Tehran didn't have live news and serious reports. It mostly aired music and cultural programs. The radio was first associated with music in the Iranian society with 8 hours of program per day. Gradually, radio programs began to have more variety to address a greater audience, as the number of listeners grew so did the operation hours.
For a while, radio transmission was made on medium and short waves in a small studio at Bisim Station. In 1950, a new station was dedicated to Radio Iran at the Arg Square of Tehran, Radio Tehran operated separately at a studio nearby.

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