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Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran Founded

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October, 30, 2006 A.D.:
Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran Founded

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran also known as MTPII, was founded on Oct, 30, 2006 as a modernist, moderate conservative political party. The party has supported justice, freedom, and "moral rule" of Iranian society, and to resolve community problems through dialogue with the political elite. Diplomatically, the party has advocated "New Idea reforms" aimed at bringing Iran and the world towards an Islamic nation with peace and progress within Islamic ideals. The party has noted that the elimination of poverty and discrimination in all political areas is only possible through the creation of economic, cultural, and social justice.
Amir Mohebbian is the main founder of the Modern Thinkers Party of Islamic Iran committee. Other co-founders are Gholam Hossein Mohammadi, Abolfazl Kalhor and Hossein Noush Abadi.
Political ideals
The following are political ideals of the Modern Thinkers Party:
Democratic rule of law in the light of religious Islamic thought as led by the Supreme leader.
Full independence of all sovereign powers to develop and defend the territorial integrity of Iran.
Freedom to speak, to write, to select delegates, to choose a career, and to choose a political party, within the framework of the constitution.
Defense of human dignity and respect for life, property and family of all citizens without discrimination.
Belief in each other's independence, particularly an independent judiciary as a check on the other powers to defend the rights of citizens without discrimination.
Efforts to provide housing, work, public health insurance for everyone such that any Iranian cover these services remain out for any reason.
Equal treatment of all citizens under law, without exception, and equal opportunity in the social, economic and cultural fields.
Enlightening Islamic culture at all levels of political behavior, and the ethics of political literature on the relationship between the parties, the people, and the rulers.
Defense of peace and global disarmament to realize a violence-free world.
Strengthening ethnic identity in order to preserve national identity.

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