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Foundation Of National Elites Foundation!

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May, 31, 2005 A.D.:
Foundation Of National Elites Foundation!

(Wikipedia) - Iran's National Elites Foundation (INEF) is an Iranian governmental organization founded on May 31, 2005 by approval of the Supreme Cultural Revolution Council of Iran. The main purpose of the foundation is to recognize, organize and support Iran's national talents.
Members of the foundation include all who show exceptionally high intellectual capacity, academic aptitude, creative ability and artistic talents, especially contributors in promotion of global science and highly cited scientists and researchers. Iran National Elites Foundation (INEF) is a statewide organization and composed of members with good scientific and executive background.
Unfortunately, the inner power circles which adversely affect the logical selection of eligible candidates is among downfalls of Iranian state institutions, in that; individuals who would be admitted to work towards their individual success by their talents and qualifications are alienated by the fact that connections and back-door relations infest such entities.

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