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Azerbaijan Separatists Busted

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December, 12, 1946 A.D.:
Azerbaijan Separatists Busted

By: Mir M.Hosseini

After Iran had to accept the infamous Golestan and Turkmenchai agreements with Russia that took away the Kafkas area, Russians named the area on north Azerbaijan; same as the Iranian province and started interfering in the region. Soon a separatist group named Pishevari started armed uprising against the central government. A middle-aged Communist stooge from Baku, Jafar Pishevari, boldly proclaimed himself Premier of the new Azerbaijan provincial government.
But Iranian armed forces could not enter the region because Russian troops were present despite the agreement made in 1943 during the Tehran conference according to which all foreign forces were to withdraw their units. Instead the local patriotic residents had already started fighting against separatists. Finally, the Russians were forced to withdraw.
Four legions of the Iranian armed forces quickly entered the region on Dec, 10th. And stationed between Zanjan and Miyaneh. After midnight, attacks began on separatist forces and soon after they were dispersed and on Dec, 11, Iranian armed forces started their march towards Tabriz. When people heard Pishevari and his comrades had fled to Russia, the headquarters of the Azerbaijan Democrat Party were attacked and set on fire on Dec, 12. One of the figureheads of the separatist puppet group was Biria, the so-called minister of education who sought refuge at the Soviet hospital however, angry people caught him and tied him to the back of a Jeep, parading him around the city until his dead body was not recognizable. More than 500 of the Pishevari elements were executed even before the army reached Tabriz and put an end to one year of terror and oppression.
Celebrations continued for days in Azerbaijan whose people have proved to be very patriotic towards their national identity throughout centuries.

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