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British Navy Violates Iranian Territory

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June, 21, 2004 A.D.:
British Navy Violates Iranian Territory

(Wikipedia) – The 2004 Iranian seizure of British Navy personnel took place in the Arvand Rood (Shatt Al Arab) waterway on 21 June. Six British Marines and two Navy sailors were captured. The British servicemen were seized while training Iraqi river patrol personnel after Iran said they had strayed into the Iranian side of the waterway. They were threatened with legal action initially but released three days later following diplomatic discussions between Jack Straw, the British Foreign Secretary, and Kamal Kharrazi, the Iranian Minister of Foreign Affairs.
They British were released unharmed three days later, on 24 June, after the British and Iranian governments agreed there had been a misunderstanding.
Their weapons and equipment were confiscated and a rigid inflatable boat (RIB) was put on display in a museum in Tehran.
The British captives appeared blindfolded on Iranian TV, where they apologized for their mistake. The invading UK Navy boats were operating close to the northern coast of the Persian Gulf in the mouth of the Arvand Rood waterway which divides southern Iran and Iraq. The weather was bad causing negligible visibility which may have contributed to a potential crossing of the Iranian border by the UK Navy.
The British government consigned the incident to a misunderstanding and requested the return of the equipment.
British invasion of the Iranian territory has been recorded several times, here's a snap:
- On January, 27 2007 a British helicopter flew over the mouth of the Arvand River and violated Iran's airspace.
- On February, 27 2007, three British Navy boats entered the mouth of the Khor Musa in Iranian territorial waters.
- And on March, 23, 2007 15 British soldiers were seized in Iranian waters.
Iranians are the only nation with an independent navy in the Persian Gulf. Iran has the right to exercise her sovereignty against the greedy corporate bandits.

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