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Princess Leyla Pahlavi Is Born

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March, 27, 1970 A.D.:
Princess Leyla Pahlavi Is Born

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Born to Mohammad Reza Pahlavi 50, the Shah of Iran, and Queen Farah, 31, on March, 27, 1970, Princess Leyla Pahlavi made the headlines as the fourth child of the couple.
Leyla Pahlavi's life story is a tragedy indeed.
She was nine years old when her family fled Iran before the Revolution of 1979. Shah was expecting to return home after his army would take the situation under control as in coup of 1953 but that did not happen and after wandering around the world, Mohammad Reza Shah, the last representative of Iranian monarchy died in Egypt in 1980.
The once royal family settled in the United States where Leyla went to school in Massachusetts. She never married and spent most of her time commuting between her home in Connecticut, and Paris where her mother lives. As a rich and famous person, she soon became a target for drug dealers and spent the rest of her life in rehab centers.
On Sunday June, 10, 2001, Leyla was found dead in her room in a hotel in London just by her doctor. The autopsy showed an unusual dose of drugs and cocaine in her blood, making her death look like a suicide. She was buried in a cemetery in Paris.
On January, 4, 2011, her brother Ali Reza Pahlavi was found dead at his home in Boston, Massachusetts from an apparent suicide.
The Pahlavi family has a reasonable wealth and investments abroad, however, there are things that money can't buy.

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