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Yazdgerd 3.Ascends The Throne

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June, 16, 632 A.D.:
Yazdgerd 3.Ascends The Throne

By: Mir M.Hosseini

Yazdgerd 3 was the 35th and the last king of the Sassanid Dynasty. His father was Shahriar whose mother was Miriam, the daughter of the Byzantine Emperor Maurice. Yazdgerd 3 was the grandson of Khosrau Parviz and Shirin.
Yazdgerd 3 ascended the throne on June, 16 632 at the age of 21, after a series of internal conflicts that made him the only choice available.
Yazdgerd 3 reigned as a youth and had never truly exercised authority. The Muslim conquest of Persia began in his first year of reign, and ended with The Battle of Qadesiya after which, the Arabs occupied Tisfun, and Yazdgerd fled eastward into Media going from one district to another, until he was killed by a local miller in Marv in 651.
Yazdgerd's son Pirouz 3 fled to China. Yazdgerd's daughter Bibi Shahrbanou married to Imam Hossein.

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