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ICJ Dismisses UK Complaint Against Iran

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July, 22, 1952 A.D.:
ICJ Dismisses UK Complaint Against Iran

By: Mir M.Hosseini

July, 22, 1952, marks a great victory for the Iranian nation in the legal scene during the Nationalization of Oil movement. On this day, the International Court of Justice (ICJ) decided because Iran had only conceded to ICJ jurisdiction in cases involving treaties agreed upon after 1932, and as the only treaty cited by the UK after that date was between Iran and a foreign company (and not the UK itself), that it had no jurisdiction in this matter (Iran's original contention).
The case was a dispute between the UK and Iran, in which the UK alleged that the Iranian Oil Nationalization act of 1951 was counter to a convention agreed upon by the Anglo-Persian Oil Co. later changed to British Petroleum and Iran in 1933, which granted the Anglo-Iranian Oil Co. a 60-year license in return for a percentage royalty.
On May, 26, 1951, the UK filed a complaint against Iran at the International Court of Justice, demanding that the 1933 agreement be upheld and that Iran pay damages and compensation for disrupting the UK-incorporated company's profits.
On the same day, Mosaddegh formed his second cabinet of ministers on July, 22, 1952. The British embassy and officials were evicted from Iran in October 1952 and Iranians were happy because of getting rid of the colonist state of Britain. Unfortunately, the United States no longer opposed intervention in Iran and got involved in a coup d’état in Iran in 1953 that is the root of all current anomalies between Iran & U.S. The British nonetheless are still selling their souls for petroleum under BP.

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