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New Additions To Municipality Law

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June, 24, 1955 A.D.:
New Additions To Municipality Law

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The first municipality law was presented to Majlis on March, 21, 1907 and was codified in 5 chapters and under 108 headlines on June, 2, 1907. At first, the City Council members were chosen by people but after the coup in 1921, city councils went again under state control.
On June, 24, 1955, both Senate and Majlis passed a new law that authorized founding a municipality in every city that has a population more than 5000. The population restriction could be overridden if the situation of the city necessitates a municipality. In case, revenues and economic level of the population is not enough to afford a municipality, the Ministry of Interior Affairs is authorized to dissolve the city municipality. The law further authorized the ministry to even establish seasonal municipalities as necessary.
***This article is primarily based on Iranian National Library Document #: 7562 - 113006, and article # 1105 on***

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