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Nasr 2. Operation Started

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June, 3, 1987 A.D.:
Nasr 2. Operation Started

By: Mir M.Hosseini

The Nasr 2 operation was conducted by the Iranian army ground troops. This military operation during the Iran–Iraq War aimed to take control of heights overseeing Meymak front in the middle of the enemy lines.
The attack started with the code:Ya Hossein Mazlum, reviving the memory of historical oppression of Imam Hossein and his followers at the Battle of Karbala on the Ashura day in 680 A.D. Iranians were practically fighting back with their bare hands in the same year that Iraq bombed Iranian schools.
As a result of the Nasr 2 Operation:
- Heights # 396, 400, and 404 and the Khezr and Helaleh were captured.
- An Iraqi battalion of commandos, artillery and infantry were dispersed.
- A company of Iraqi tanks were damaged.
- A considerable party of supplies and ammunition were taken.
- During this short operation, about 800 Iraqi soldiers were killed while many others were taken POW.
Iranian armed forces thus gained an upper hand at a very strategic point. In this operation Taghi Razavi, fell martyr.
- Iraq was at the verge of losing the war when they dropped chemical bombs on Sardasht on June, 28.
- In Saudi Arabia, Iranian Hajj pilgrims were massacred on July, 31.
- In September, 1987 U.S. directly engaged the war on the Iraq side and attacked Iranian ships and oil platforms.
However, the world had deaf ears on Iranian people's call of oppression.

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