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The Gold Rush Of Naseroddin Shah

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May, 7, 1881 A.D.:
The Gold Rush Of Naseroddin Shah

By: Mir M.Hosseini

While Iran was being driven into its most miserable days, the ring of local and foreign spies at Naseroddin Shah's court were doing their best to keep the king busy with silly occupations. After hearing about gold mines in Russia and South Africa, Naseroddin Shah suddenly decides to invest on gold mining in the hills of Doshan Tappeh and Jajrood. Hearing the idea, his top advisors consisting mostly of bootlick illiterates began flattering the Shah for his brilliant idea. Shah's main goal was to find money resources for his Harem of around 1000 wives. An expedition was set out on May, 7, 1881 without any knowledge or research. A couple of days later, more people were sent to the area in order to keep an eye on the miners fearing that they'd steal the gold. Samples were sent to Tehran for to be inspected by the royal court. Naseroddin Shah sometimes joined the team of miners and watched them through his binocular.
On one of these trips, Naseroddin Shah hunted a Leopard near Sorkhehesar on May, 16. They bring the dead animal to the city and put it on display in as many places as they could, telling stories of how brave the Shah was. This was probably to cover the stupidity of the Qajar court which found out that their Gold Rush was futile.

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