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No Foreign Words In Formal Communications

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May, 3, 1934 A.D.:
No Foreign Words In Formal Communications

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On May, 3, 1934, notes on a regulation circulated by the Treasury outlines the necessity to use Persian words for official communications specially when it comes to foreign currencies and units of measurements. At the age of modernization, using foreign words becomes fashion. At the beginning of the 20th century, French and Russian terms entered Iranian literature. After the WWII, English became the dominant language until today.
Fortunately, there has always been a tendency among true Iranians to preserve Persian as a national heritage against intrusion of foreign terms. The most renown person who devoted himself to revival of Persian language was Ferdowsi aka the father of Persian literature. There is an institution in charge of finding new Persian words equivalent to their foreign terms, however, the entity and its members, like many other institutions in Iran are too old to adopt to the fast age of communication.

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