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Majlis Denounces British Colonial Agreement

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June, 22, 1921 A.D.:
Majlis Denounces British Colonial Agreement

By: Mir M.Hosseini

On the second day after the fourth term opening, Majlis denounced the Anglo-Persian agreement Issued by George Curzon in Aug, 1919. The hegemonic deal guaranteed British access to all Iranian oil fields (including five northern provinces formerly under the Russian sphere of influence) in return for:
1. Supply of munitions and equipment for a British-trained army.
2. 2 million sterling loan.
3. Revising the Customs tariff.
4. Survey and build railroads.
By the Anglo-Persian agreement Iran was being tricked into granting full British control of the army, customs, transportation on top of oil reserves, thus practically turning the country into a colony. In November 1918, Percy Cox was appointed ambassador to Tehran, negotiating the agreement. Such deals were usually signed by bribing the Qajar court members.
Cox was a British spy who had succeeded in creating the autonomous state of Kuwait within the Ottoman Empire by the Anglo-Ottoman Convention of 1913 and had established strong relationships with many Persian Gulf rulers including the Saud family in order to establish British hegemony in the region.

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