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Ghavam Appointed Prime Minister

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June, 17, 1922 A.D.:
Ghavam Appointed Prime Minister

By: Mir M.Hosseini

By a decree from Ahmad Shah, Ghavamossaltaneh was appointed Prime Minister for a second time. As a pro-democracy leader, he soon fell at odds with Reza Khan who was his minister of war at the time. Their disputes reached the 4th Majlis where influential socialists supporting Reza Khan forced him to resign on Jan, 26, 1923.
Reza Khan who had bigger plans than just the ministry of war, saw Ghavamossaltaneh as an obstacle and ordered his arrest. He was charged with instigating a revolt and was sent to prison. Fortunately Hasan Pirnia's cabinet signed a bill asking for his release. Ahmad Shah also intervened in ordering Reza Khan to pardon him. Otherwise, Reza Khan who was known for his brutality would have put him to death.
Soon After Ghavamossaltaneh was released on Oct, 23, Reza Khan was appointed Prime Minister by Ahmad Shah on Oct, 26. Ghavam started spending a silent life in Lahijan for the next 18 years.
Following Iran's occupation in 1941 by Allied Powers, Reza Shah was forced to resign. This gave Ghavamossaltaneh an opportunity to return to his active political life and become Prime Minister 3 more times.

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