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February, 26

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February, 26, 1301 A.D.:
Amir Mobarezoddin Is Born

Mobarezoddin Muhammad, founder of the Muzaffarid Dynasty was born on March, 5, 1301 in Meybod of Yazd. He was brought up at the Ilkhanates court but returned to Meybod upon the death of Oljaitu. In around 1319 he overthrew the Atabeg of Yazd and was subsequently recognized as governor of the city by... Read Full Article:


February, 26, 1736 A.D.:
Nader Ascends The Throne

Nader was ruling Iran as the regent of the young king Abbas who passed away at the time when Nader had restored the kingdom of Persia to its former splendor. Noblemen from all over the country were invited to a meeting in Moghan on Jan, 12, 1936 to decide on the faith of the country. Thus Nader was ... Read Full Article:


February, 26, 1921 A.D.:
USSR Signs Friendship Treaty With Iran

After the Bolshevik revolution, changes began in Soviet Union's foreign policy and USSR under Lenin signed a friendship treaty with Iran wavering some of the imperial Russia's claims and erasing Iran's debt. The treaty which was signed in Moscow on Feb, 26, 1921, had 26 articles. Article 2 stated, t... Read Full Article:


February, 26, 1944 A.D.:
Majlis Fourteenth Terms Begins

The 14th Majlis term started on Feb, 26, 1944.The fourteenth term convened while Allied Powers still occupied parts of Iran. Political groups were formed following Reza Shah’s fall from power who shared Majlis seats. There were reports of unrest in some electoral districts. After the WWII, Iran ha... Read Full Article:


February, 26, 2010 A.D.:
Nasrollah Meets Ahmadinejad In Syria

(AFP) - The head of the Lebanese Shia Islamist movement Hezbollah, Seyyed Hasan Nasrollah, has made a rare public appearance in the Syrian capital, Damascus.Sheikh Nasrollah attended a dinner with Syrian President Bashar Al Assad and Iran's President, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. He is under an Israeli deat... Read Full Article:

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