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    -Alexander the Great (Wikipedia) - Alexander This article is about the male first name. For other uses, see Alexander (disambiguation). Alexander Pronunciation Gender Origin Word/name Meaning
    Paris, depicted in this c. 1636 painting by Peter Paul Rubens making his famous judgment, was given the surname Alexander as a child when he routed a gang of cattle-thieves.
    /ˈæləɡzˈændər/, /ˈæləɡzˈɑːndər/
    Masculine, the feminine form being Alexandra.
    From the Latin Alexander, itself from the Greek Ἀλέξανδρος (Alexandros), from alexein meaning "to ward off, keep off, turn away, defend, protect" and aner meaning "man".
    "Defender, protector of man".
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    Alexander (/ˈæləɡzˈændər/, /ˈæləɡzˈɑːndər/) is a common male first name, and less common surname derived from the Greek "Αλέξανδρος" (Aléxandros). The most famous is Alexander the Great, who created one of the largest empires in ancient history.

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    Etymologically, the name is derived from the Greek Ἀλέξανδρος (Aléxandros), meaning "Defender of the people" or "Defending men" and also, "Protector of men", a compound of the verb ἀλέξειν (alexein), "to ward off, to avert, to defend" and ἀνδρός (andros), the genitive of the noun ἀνήρ (anēr) "man". It is an example of the widespread motif of Greek (or Indo-European more generally) names expressing "battle-prowess", in this case the ability to withstand or push back an enemy battle line.

    The earliest attested form of the name is the Mycenaean Greek feminine anthroponym

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