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    * Yaghub Saffar *

    Yaghoub Ibn Leith Saffar,Ya'qub-I Laith Saffari,Yaghub Leis

    یعقوب صفار

    Yaghub Saffar. Aka Yaghub-e-Layth Saffar (867-879), the founder of the Saffarid dynasty in Sistan who restored some of the most revered Iranian traditions.The Khavarej thought, which from the beginning of Abbasids had attracted people in Sekestan, Herat and Khorasan, lost its power with the presence of Yaghub Ibn Leith Saffar in second half of the third century.With its capital at Zaranj (a city now in south-western Afghanistan), the Saffarids ruled territories that are now in Iran and Afghanistan, as well as portions of Pakistan as the greater Sistan and Baluchestan known as Sekestan; an ancient satrapy of Iran. Yaghub attracted the attention of the Abbasid caliph by conquering non-Muslim territories in Sekestan. He became the sovereign monarch of the first Khorasan dynasty after the Arab Islamic conquest. In many cases, the people he conquered had rebelled against their Islamic overlords and reverted to prior forms of worship.He attempted to conquer Baghdad but was defeated by the much larger forces of the caliph al-Mutamid. It was during his rule that Persian was introduced as the official language, ending the pervasive influence of the Arabic language that had assimilated some ancient cultures such as the Egyptian civilization. Yaghub Leith became a popular folk hero in history because his court began the revitalization of the Persian language after two centuries of silence.

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