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    Uyama was a fortress named Uyama, in Armenia where Achaemenid General Dadarshi suppress a revolt on June 20, 521 BC.In the Bisotoun Inscription Dariush the King says: Again a third time the rebels assembled (and) came out against Dadarshi to join battle. A fortress named Uyama, in Armenia -- there they joined battle. Ahouramazda bore me aid; by the favor of Ahouramazda my army smote that rebellious army exceedingly; of the month Taygasish 9 days were past, then the battle was fought by them. Thereafter Dadarshi waited for me until I arrived in Media.

    Tags:Achaemenid, Ahouramazda, Armenia, Bisotoun, Dadarshi, Dariush, Media, Taygasish, Uyama

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