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    * Quoin Island (Persian Gulf) *

    جزیره سلامه (خلیج فارس)

    (Wikipedia) - Quoin Island (Persian Gulf)
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    Quoin Island (also known as As Salamah Island and Great Quoin Island) in Oman is the traditional "way point" used by ships to define the entrance or exit from the Persian Gulf. Once a ship is declaired a position of "Passed Quoin Inbound" the insurance rates for the ship will increase.

    Quoin Island, Oman, is not to be confused with Quoin Island, Yemen, which is in the Red Sea and also has a lighthouse, or Quoin Island in the Torres Strait of Australia, neither of which are way points.

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    Coordinates: 26°30′13″N 56°30′42″E / 26.50361°N 56.51167°E / 26.50361; 56.51167

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