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    اکسیترس ، اکساتر،اوکاترس،اُگزاثرِس

    Oxyathres was the brother of Dariush 3rd saving his life in the Battle of Issus. He was a son of Arsanes and Sisygambis, members of a minor branch of the Achaemenid Dynasty that ruled the Persian Empire. (Wikipedia) - Oxathres   (Redirected from Oxyathres)

    Oxathres (Persian: هُخشَتره‎) is a Persian name, which is also written Oxoathres and Oxyathres. It is frequently confounded or interchanged both by Greek and Latin writers with Oxartes and Oxyartes. Indeed, it is probable that these are all merely different forms of the same name.

    Oxathres is the Greek form of the Ghata Avestan name Huxšathra which is a distinctly Zoroastrian name.

    Oxathres may refer to:

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