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    * Ottoman–Persian War (1821–1823) *

    جنگهای ایران - عثمانی (1821 - 1823)

    (Wikipedia) - OttomanPersian War (1821–23)   (Redirected from Ottoman–Persian War (1821–1823)) Ottoman-Qajar War Belligerents Commanders and leaders
    Part of Ottoman–Persian Wars
    Persian cavalry troops at the Caucasus front.
    Date Location Result Territorial changes
    Iranian-Turkish Border
    Stalemate Treaty of Erzurum Status quo antebellum
    Recognition of Pre-War Boundaries.
    Qajar dynasty Ottoman Empire
    Abbas Mirza Mahmud II
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    The Ottoman-Qajar War was fought between the Ottoman Empire and Qajar Empire from 1821 to 1823.



    Tensions between the two empires had been rising due to the Ottoman Empire''s harboring of rebellious tribesmen from Iranian Azerbaijan. Although secretly, the Russian Empire was attempting to put pressure on the Ottoman Empire, which was at war with the Greeks, who were receiving arms from Russia.


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