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    اتیل ایلانی

    Ashur Etil Ilani (King of Assyria) Ashur Banipal had twin sons. When Ashur Etil Ilani was appointed successor to the throne, his brother Sin-Shar-Ishkun did not recognize him and revolted. The fight between them and their supporters forced the Ashur Banipal to withdraw to Carrhae in 632 until his death in 627. Ashur Etil Ilani governed in Assyria from about 633, but his general, Sin-Shum-Lisher, soon rebelled against him. Some years later Sin-Shar-Ishkun finally defeated Etil Ilani. In 626 the Chaldean Nabo Polassar revolted from Uruk and occupied Babylon, Ashur Etil Ilani was forced to withdraw to the west, where he died (621).

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